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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

DocScan...Where Have You Been All My Life?

If you don't know about DocScan, I'm about to be your new best friend!  I found about about the DocScan app last week in a curriculum meeting.  I am part of a district team to develop new curriculum around Critical Thinking.  As part of our meetings, we bring samples of critical thinking that we observe in our classrooms.  We hit an issue when it came time to log our samples, with only one scanner!  One of the other teachers on the team suggested we use DocScan.

DocScan is a free app (I have an iPhone - I don't know if it is available on Android or not) that lets you take a picture of anything, and instantly convert it into a PDF document.

Once you have scanned your document, you can save it and send it (I emailed the new PDF files to myself and was good to go!).  In my curriculum meeting, it was so easy and quick to take pictures of each of my samples and send them in, rather than stand in line with a dozen other teachers for the scanner.

I've also found it wonderfully useful for my classroom activities.  I have had parents ask me to send homework pages electronically when students have been away, and it is a hassle for me to take books to the school's scanner to upload the images and send them.  With DocScan, I can take a picture of the book page in my classroom and send it to parents with a click.  I've also started putting PDF versions on my class website for students to access when they are away from school.

This app will also help to preserve notes.  I can take a photo of notes (on the chalkboard or on paper) and upload the PDF version to the class website, and keep a copy of the file for my own electronic records.

If you haven't used it, I would truly recommend DocScan!  Let me know in the comments the ways that you use DocScan in your classrooms.

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