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Friday, 30 May 2014

Five for Friday - Weekly Recap

Happy Friday!!  Hey, it's my birthday today!!  Plus, we only have 3 teaching weeks to go!  (I realize that I've been using a lot of exclamation points - it's my birthday - I'm excited!)

A lot has been happening to me, so much that I haven't had time to blog in awhile, but here's a recap of what I've been up to lately.
I live and teach in beautiful BC, Canada.  In 2002, our government illegally stripped our contract and stripped our right to bargain class size and class composition.  We have fought for 12 years in the BC Supreme Court, and have come out twice with rulings in our favour, stating that the government acted illegally and needed to remedy the situation.  

We have been bargaining for over a year, and it has not been remedied, so teachers in BC have been on job action for some weeks. This week, we had to escalate to rotating strikes.  Everyday this week, about 15 school districts in the province were out on a one-day strike.  My district was out on the picket lines on Monday of this week.  We received a lot of support from the public, but unfortunately, not from the government.  Teachers have now been locked out of the school at recess and lunch, 45 minutes before school and 45 minutes after school.  During these lockout hours, we are not allowed to work or give extra help to students and we are not covered by workplace insurance.  We have also had 10% of our pay deducted as a punishment.

Unfortunately, the students are suffering and it doesn't look like the dispute is going to end any time soon.  I'm frustrated and my students are confused - it's just a disaster.  I hope we can resolve everything before the end of the school year and we don't lose too many more days.

If you are interested in the specifics, read this article.  If you are a BC parent or teacher, please read and share to your networks.  The article is easy to follow and gives a very clear recap on what teachers are asking for.
I finished reading the Divergent series yesterday, and I have to say that I was shocked by the ending of Allegiant - and I was not happy with where it went.  Have you read the series?  What did you think?  I bought four new books today to start this week.  

I think I'll start with Skinny.
My 10-year high school reunion is next month.  I am making a slideshow for the reunion, so I've been going through old high school photos and yearbooks!  It's making me very nostalgic!
Me and my friends - Prom 2004!  I'm the 2nd from the right (in the purple)!

I spent last weekend house sitting for my parents and I got to hang out this fluff ball!

I spotted an eagle soaring very low to the ground while I was out on a walk this week.  The pictures don't do it justice - it was incredible!

That's it for now.  As a birthday gift from me to you, everything in my TpT store is 10% off this weekend!  Check it out here!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Looking for Alaska is AMAZING!!!! I also love An Abundance of Katherines!

    1. I finished Looking for Alaska on Wednesday. I couldn't put it down!