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Thursday, 15 May 2014

New Perspectives - Learning Lessons in Disappointment

Last week, I had a local aboriginal storyteller in my class.  He brought several First Nations artifacts made by members of his family, himself, and his community, and then told stories that went along with the artifacts.

Did you know that large, sea-going canoes were widened using urine and hot rocks?  His stories were incredible and highly entertaining.

One piece he brought in was an intricately carved wooden Talking Feather. 
This is not the feather brought in by my guest, but another feather, carved by the same artist, Alex Mountain.  I was so interested in his stories that I didn't think about taking pictures at the time. 
When he came upon this piece, instead of sharing a story, he said that he had learned a valuable lesson from his feather.  He pointed out a crack in the wood, and said that it happened when he was getting into a car.  He had the feather across his lap, and when he closed the door, the feather was too long, and caught on the door and cracked.  He further explained that in that instance, the feather was telling him to be more aware of his surroundings.

This perspective struck a cord with me.  Instead of being upset that his beautiful feather had been broken, he saw the accident as a learning experience.  

I really liked that way of thinking about the accident.  It makes me want to take a breath when bad things happen to think about a deeper meaning behind the disappointment or take time to reflect and learn something about past frustrations.

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