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Friday, 27 June 2014

Five For Friday! ~Weekly Recap~

 This week, my Facebook page "likes" reached 100!  I am so happy to hit that milestone!  If you haven't "liked" me yet, click on the picture below!

I had a successful giveaway with 2 lucky winners!  I had more entries than I've had before - making me want to plan many, many more!
I've been housesitting this week for my parents while they were in Calgary visiting my brother, sister-in-law, and my niece.  My niece, Nati, turned 5 on Thursday!  I miss her so much (I'm in Victoria, and I don't get to see her much). 

Nati in her princess dress!
The good thing about my parents going away is that they have a hot tub and a fire pit!  I've been spending some very relaxing summer nights here, and almost don't want them to come home on Sunday!

Well, we're still on strike.  I don't want to get too political on this blog about the current state of BC Public Education (because I will become very passionate and intense).  If you are interested, you can follow me on Twitter (@DianiePants), or follow @bctf. 

For a brief recap: for the past two weeks, I've been on the picket lines with my colleagues, fighting for better classroom conditions for our kids.  In 2002, the BC Liberal government under (the then Minister of Education and current Premier) Christy Clark stripped class size and composition language from our contract.  Because of that, we currently have no cap on special needs students per class (they could give me a class with 30 Grade 4 students on IEPs), and our supreme court has ruled (twice) that the BC government broke the law when they removed the limits.  We've been negotiating for over 16 months, without a contract since June 2013, and the government refuses to move on their "offer."  We asked for mediation over a week ago so that we can reach a deal before June 30, but our government has refused.

It is so frustrating and demoralizing to be a teacher in BC right now.  Our government is set on abolishing the teacher's union and pushing to a privatization of education.  It's disgusting.

This video is a really good show of what is happening.  I suggest you watch it if you are interested in what is happening in BC.

On the bright side, it has given us teachers a lot of time to spend together, getting to know each other better, and collaborating as colleagues.  Even my parents' dog, Kasey, came to the picket line on Tuesday!

As of today, the school year is officially over!  I am officially on summer holidays!  This would be more exciting if we had a deal and a secure job to come back to in September - but I have to be positive and hope that they will continue to bargain through the summer and we will return with a fair deal for everyone.

Also on the positive side: I just accepted a Grade 4 and 5 job for next year!  I will be at a new school, but I am really excited to get back to elementary!


  1. Congrats on 100 FB likes! I am approaching it as well and can't wait! I hit 100 TpT followers today and am having a giveaway as well! I entered yours! Be sure to enter mine!