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Sunday, 8 June 2014

New product and "Hello" to my international followers!

Since I am locked out of prepping for my last few weeks of school and doing report cards (ongoing labour dispute between BC Teachers and the BC Government), I spent a good chunk of today creating a new bundle for my TpT store.

Altogether, it includes:
-KWL Chart
-KTWL Chart
-KWLS Chart
-KWHL Chart
-Plot Organizer
-Story Map
-Story Board
-Writing a Summary
-Non-Fiction Text Features
-Evidence of My Thinking
-2-circle Venn Diagram
-3-circle Venn Diagram
-Comparison Organizer
-5 Senses Observations Organizer
-Finding the Main Idea (5 W's)
-Research Notes by Subtopic
-Research Notes by Source
-Biography Notes
-Brainstorming Page
-Brainstorming Web
-Vocabulary - Fiction
-Vocabulary - Non-Fiction
-Blank Bingo page
-Character Map
-Character Coat of Arms (with traits)
-Blank Character Coat of Arms
-Pros and Cons Organizer
-Video Response Organizer
-Diamante Poem
-Reading Response
-General Essay Organizer
-Persuasive Essay Organizer

On this organizer, students can summarize the main ideas of an article, book, video, website, etc.
Highlight the important traits of your character with this graphic organizer.  I've also included a blank template without the divisions or titles.

This is a handy organizer for keeping track of sources during a research project.

When I had uploaded the finished product, I came back onto Blogger an checked in to see my page views for fun.  I love how the site lets your see where your page views are coming from, and I was absolutely floored to see that I've had readers from around the world looking at my blog!  When I've checked this feature before, I've only seen views from Canada, United States, and the UK.  Today I have views from Lithuania, Ukraine, Hong Kong, and the Philippines!  

When I started blogging, I wanted a way to share what I was doing in my classroom with other teachers, and I can't believe that it has reached so far!  Thank you to all my followers!  I truly appreciate your support!  If you have a blog about education that I should follow, leave me a link in the comments! 

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