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Thursday, 25 May 2017

BC Redesigned Curriculum - Big Ideas Posters for Grade 7

BC's curriculum has been redesigned around "Big Ideas."  For Kindergarten-Grade 9, this year was the first year of implementation.  To help myself stay organized, I've created posters for the Grade 7 core subjects.

 I plan to post them in my classroom in September. Not only will they help me stay organized, as I'll have a constant visual reminder of the Big Ideas, but I hope they will help my students as well.  My plan is to talk about each of the Big Ideas with the students to help them understand why we are focusing on specific concepts.  By setting up that background knowledge, and then referring to the posters in lessons, I hope the students will also be able to use the curriculum language in their self-assessments.

Making the curriculum clear for the students can only help to deepen their understanding of lessons, and will, hopefully, help them make deeper connections.

The posters are all available for free on my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Do you have curriculum outcomes or standards up in your classroom for students to see?  Let me know how you share the curriculum with your students in the comments below.

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