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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Middle School Classroom Reveal

This is my third year at my current school, and my third different classroom!  I feel cautiously optimistic that this will be my last move, so I'm making the room my own. This is my Grade 7 classroom:

I asked for tables instead of desks to encourage collaboration and team work.

Since my students don't have desks, they each have a drawer in the drawer carts to hold their supplies.

Drawers in use.

The pages next to my homework board are cover sheets that list all assignments and due dates for the term. If students are absent, they can check the cover sheets to see what they missed.
Extra assignments are kept by subject folder in the crate. The red baskets are my hand-in baskets. Students are not allowed to hand in assignments to me directly, it all has to go into the bin.
Extra assignments crate.

My classroom library is organized by genre. Each different genre has a different coloured sticker on the spine so the kids can find them easily.

We brainstormed classroom jobs together as a class. Each day, there are two students responsible for each job.
This is behind my desk. It has my photocopies for each subject for the week.

So that's my classroom so far!  What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.