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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Math Clip Art Set

I've been working on a new clip art set, and it's ready to unveil!

This is my Math Clip Art Set.  It includes 33 images (17 full colour, 16 black and white) which can be used for personal or commercial use.  You can click on the picture or click here to download.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Colourful Clip Art Sets and Bundle!

I have put together some colourful clip art sets for my TpT store and I'm ready to unveil them for you!

Each colour set is only $1.00 and includes 15 images that you can use in your personal or commercial projects :)  You can buy the bundle for 50% off (Only $3.00 for all 6 sets!).

Click on any of the pictures to download.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Freebie! Editable Classroom Newsletter Template

My newest freebie is just in time for Back to School!

This product includes editable templates for a classroom newsletter with spaces for Classroom News, Spelling Words, Upcoming Dates, and Odds and Ends.

I've also included a version without the text so that you can edit the headings in each section.  The background colour and newsletter title are also editable in that version.

I've included helpful instructions on how to edit the pages, and the download itself is a PowerPoint file - very user friendly!

Click here to download!

Enjoy :)

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Independent Choice Novel Studies


I've used this format to teach independent novels to students in grades 5-9.  Because it is so open-ended, it allows for easy differentiation of kids in the same grade, or for kids in split classes.

I like this project a lot because it is very student-centred, and once I hand out the project outline, the students can work at their own pace.  Because there is so much choice involved, the quality of work is usually very high, as well.

I have borrowed pieces of this from other bloggers and teacher friends.  I've also been adding to it/changing things around for a few years, and I have forgotten which pieces came from whom.  If you see one of your ideas, please know that I love it (which is why it's still in my project), and let me know in the comments so that I can credit you!


Choice Novel Project
Over the next four weeks, you will complete a choice novel study project.  You will be responsible for selecting an appropriate novel to read and reflect upon.

Choosing an appropriate novel. 
Read two or three pages of the book and ask yourself these questions:
-       Do I understand what I am reading?
-       Do I know most of the words? (If there are five or more words on a page that I don’t know or am unsure of, it’s probably too hard)
-       When I read it aloud, can I read it smoothly?
-       Do I think the topic will interest me?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, it is probably a good book choice for you.  Do not choose a book that you have already read.  Have your book choice approved by the teacher.

Book Discussions.
Each week, you must conference at least once with your reading group and the teacher.  During the book discussions, you will ask and answer questions with your group mates and discuss your reflections on the book so far and on your work with the before, during, and after reading tasks.  You will be responsible for self- assessing your participation in discussions.

I have someone in the group take notes on the discussion to keep everyone accountable.

All students will complete chapter summaries for EACH chapter.  You must also complete Before Reading, During Reading, and After Reading activities.  You may choose any activities from the lists provided, but you must meet the minimum points requirements. 

BEFORE READING (10 points)

1.) Write a paragraph about anything that caught your attention about the book (title, cover, layout, pictures, etc.). (10 points)
2.) Write a paragraph telling about what you already know about this book or the author before you begin reading. (10 points)
3.) Based on the title, write a paragraph making a prediction about the action in the novel.  Explain how the title relates to your prediction. (10 points)

DURING READING (Choose at least 30 points)

1.)  Diary/journal.  Write from the point of view of one of the main characters to keep a personal journal in which you reflect on major events during the story.  Be sure to include thoughts and feelings.  Use your understanding of the character to imagine what he or she might write.  You should include at least 5 entries, and each entry should be at least a paragraph in length.  (15 points)

2.)  Picture summaries.  Use your art skills to record the some of the main events from the story.   Minimum 5 pictures.  Each drawing should be detailed and fully coloured.  Each picture should include a caption.  The viewer should be able to get a good idea of what is happening from looking at your pictures. (15 points)

3.)  Video blog (“vlog”) or Podcast.  This is very similar to the diary/journal activity, but instead of writing your entries, record them using audio or video.  Each vlog or podcast should be a minimum of one minute and a maximum of 3 minutes.  You must create at least 5 entries. (30 points)

4.)  Poetry.  Create a series of poems inspired by the themes, characters, and events in your novel.  You must write at least five poems representing at least 3 different types of poetry.  (15 points)

5.)  Comic strip.  As you read the novel, summarize it by creating a comic strip of the story.  This is something that should be done as you read.  Do not leave it until the very end.  It should be a work in progress, growing as you read. (30 points)

6.)  Double Entry Journal.  As you read, complete at least 5 double entry journal entries.  The double entry journal should include a short summary of the part of the story you are reflecting upon on one side (with page number) and a reflective response on the other side.  (What surprised you? What frustrated you? What was your favourite part?) (15 points)

7.)  Chapter Questions.  As you read, complete the chapter questions for at least 10 chapters of your book.  Ask your teacher for the chapter question sheets if you choose this option. (30 points)

8.) Vocabulary.  For each chapter, identify and define 5 words that you or someone in your class may not know. (15 points)

9.) Free Choice.  Create an activity of your choice that is on-going during reading.  Get it approved before you begin.

AFTER READING (Choose at least 50 points)

1.)  Plot Organizer.  Complete the plot organizer worksheet provided by your teacher.  This includes filling out information about setting, introduction, rising action, climax, resolution, and conflict. (10 points)

Example of a Plot Organizer worksheet

2.)  Dramatization.  Act out one or two scenes from your book.  You may ask friends to help you, but you must be the main actor.  In a short (2-4 minutes) speech, tell why you chose the scenes and how they are important to the story.  You may do this “live” or you may record it. (50 points)

3.)  Screenplay.  Individually write a screenplay for the most important scene in your book.  If you choose this option, please see your teacher for a handout about “how to write a screenplay.” (30 points)

4.)  Movie Poster.  Your book is going to be made into a movie and you are the director.  Design a movie poster for your novel that makes people want to see it.  Aside from being visually stunning, your poster will feature actors you have selected to play the main roles in the film.  For each actor selected, explain in a well-organized paragraph why they are perfect to play the role you have given them by discussing the character’s appearance AND personality.  (30 points)

5.)  Trash Talk.  You go through the trash of the main character/person in your book.  Based on what you know about their personality and actions from the book, explain what you might find in there.  For each item, write a short paragraph explaining why this item would be in their trash, using references to the book to help your explanation.  Please identify/discuss FIVE items. (20 points)

6.)  Slideshow.  Create a slideshow that acts as a timeline to show the most important events of the story.  Include at least 12 events (so at least 12 slides).  Describe why each of these events is important. (30 points)

7.)  Song.  Write a rap or song that tells about the theme of the story, an event from the story, or a character from the story.  You may use an existing song for the tune, but the lyrics must be original.  You can choose to perform it live or record it.  (50 points)

8.)  Interview. 
Interview a character from the book and respond as if you were that character.  You must include at least 10 deep questions (no yes or no answers!) and responses. (10 points)

9.) ABC Book. Create an ABC book, focusing on key events, characters, ideas, and information from your book.  For each page in the book, you must include a word or phrase that goes with the letter as well as an explanation as to how this word or phrase relates to the book (at least two sentences). (50 points)

10.) Book Review.  Write a review of the book explaining what it is about, whether or not you liked it (and why), who the intended audience is (and how you know), and who you would recommend it to (and why).  (20 points)

11.) Alternate Ending. What events might have changed how the story ended?  Change at least one key event and write a new ending to the story.  Your ending should be a minimum of one page, and a maximum of three pages long. (40 points).

12.) Character Sketch.  Write a character sketch of the protagonist in your novel.  Write a paragraph about his or her physical traits and a paragraph about his or her personality traits. (10 points).

13.) Soundtrack.  Create the soundtrack of your book.  Choose at least 8 songs that fit the mood/theme/emotions of different events in the book.  For each song, explain what event it would highlight and why it is a good fit for that event.  (40 points)

14.) Movie Trailer.  Your book is being made into a movie and you are in charge of marketing.  Put together a movie trailer for your novel.  Recruit friends and family to play the major roles. Film the action, and present it as a short trailer (~2 minutes) complete with music.  The trailer should entice people to see your movie, without giving away the end. (50 points).

15.) Free Choice.  Create an activity of your choice to “sum up” the book.  Get it approved before you begin.
Chapter Summaries ____/10
Before Reading       ____/10
During Reading      ____/30
After reading          ____/50

TOTAL:                 ____/100

What do you think?

Do you do something similar?  Will you try this out?  Let me know in the comments below.