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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Easy Flipbook Projects for Primary Social Studies

I've been inspired by the Flipbook Fairy!  

In the past week, I've created three flip book projects for primary students and posted them in my TpT store.


My Community Helpers Flipbook is a 14-page book that asks students to give information about what each helper does, what tools they use, and how they help their communities.  Click here or on the pictures to see more. 

The Provinces and Territories of Canada Flipbook includes a page for each province or territory with a map, flag, and space for students to fill in the capital city, population, bird, flower, and tree.  Click here or on the pictures for more information.

The Symbols of Canada Flipbook includes space on each page for the students to write about why the item symbolizes Canada (or anything else you'd like them to write!).  Click here or on the pictures for more information.

Do you have an idea that you'd like to see as a flip book?  Let me know in the comments below or email me at

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Have You Heard About Teachers Love Data?

TpT sellers: Have you heard about  I heard about the site through my friend Karen at Hearts in Hand, and I'm loving it!

It is a 3rd party website that will give you earnings charts, show your store's ranking, give you transactional statistics, and more!

It's free and so easy to use, and the information is presented clearly and instantly.  

There is a search option that will show you your store's overall ranking on TpT, and your movement (whether you have gone up or down).

I uploaded my sales report and Teachers Love Data gave me this chart showing my monthly sales since 2013.

The blue line is 2013, green is 2014, red is 2015, and orange is 2016.  It's interesting to see the same monthly trends year after year.  I love being able to see my growth from year-to-year.  I've only had one month (December 2015) that was less profitable than the previous year.

They also generated this chart that shows my sales by day of the week.

This shows me that my best selling days are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  So, if I'm buying promotional space, I know which days to target to get the best return on my investment.  I also know that if I post something on a Saturday, I shouldn't get discouraged if I don't see results right away.

My Transactional Statistics have shown that I've had 2,859 total buyers, with almost 10% of them (278) repeat buyers!  It even shows me that I had a buyer who has purchased 23 of my products!

The last piece of information it shows me is my five highest earning days.  I'm excited to see that 3 of those 5 days have been in this month!  

If you haven't tried yet, I'd recommend it!  Have you used it?  What do you love about Teachers Love Data?  Let me know in the comments below! 

Verb Race: Fun and Engaging FSL Game

Most of my Grade 8's don't love French class.  I think it's because they didn't get enough exposure to it in their Grade 5-7 years and by Grade 8, they are supposed to know a lot more than they actually know.  

I try to make it fun and interesting for them, as I LOVE teaching French, but it wasn't working in my favour until I tried Verb Race.  

We've been working on regular verbs since September, but the kids are still stuck on the conjugations.  A lot of my kids play sports, so I decided to turn practicing verbs into a competition.  

I split my kids up into two teams.  On the white board, I wrote the personal pronouns je, tu, il, elle, nous, vous, ils, elles for both teams and a space for them to translate the verbs.

One at a time, each team had to run up to the board and fill in one of the spaces.  They could either translate the verb or conjugate it for one of the pronouns.  The team who completed the relay first, with the most correct answers, was the winner.

- Each team gets one whiteboard marker.
- Only one person from each team can come to the board at a time.
- The whiteboard marker had to stay on the ledge of the board - you can't pass it to the next teammate.
- You can only fix or add one item per turn.  If you change an incorrect answer from another teammate, you can't add another answer.
- Lock in your answers for the team by handing the teacher the marker.  Once both teams have locked in their answers, I check the first to lock in first.  If they have all correct answers, they win.  If they don't, I'll check the other team's answers.  If the second team to lock in has more correct, they are the winner.  If the second team is tied with the first team, the first team wins.
When I told them the class was over and they had to move on to their Applied Skills (Home Ec, Business Ed., and Woodshop - classes they absolutely love), they were sad and asked to stay longer!

They've also asked every day this week during Advisory block to play Verb Race!

Do you play something similar?  Do you have any strategies for helping kids learn their French verb endings?  Let me know in the comments below. 

Friday, 29 January 2016

Finding Kindness in a Middle School Classroom

I'm lucky this year.  

I share two Grade 8 classes full of kids who are genuine, respectful, and compassionate of others.  I talk with my partner teacher all the time about how nice our kids are.  I wanted to make sure that the students, themselves, knew how nice they are.  I decided to put up a "Finding Kindness" bulletin board in my room where students could recognize an act of kindness and post it for the other kids to see.

After one day, it was already getting full!  It wasn't hard to find the kindness in our school, but I notice now that the kids are looking for it everywhere.  They want to be able to put up a post about other kids, not only in their own classes, but in the hallways, outside, and everywhere.

Do you do something similar in your school?  Let me know in the comments below.