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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Water Cycle Foldable

My Grade 4's are learning about weather in science.  To help them understand the water cycle better, we created foldable water cycles.

On each of the four flaps, we wrote the processes of the water cycle, and under the flaps, gave definitions of the process or information about that part of the water cycle.


My students enjoyed making the foldables, and now have a better understanding of the water cycle. 

This activity was a great supplement to the weather pack I created.  The class is working through that pack, but when we came to the water cycle section, a significant group of them were still confused about the processes.  Instead of simply memorizing the water cycle, they were able to engage with it.  This activity was a good, interactive piece that helped to cement the ideas into their memories. 

After they created the foldable, almost every student earned 100% on the water cycle quiz in the weather pack!

To view the weather pack we are using, click on the picture below.

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