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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Back to School Beginner French Unit

I've just finished my newest French unit for TpT.  This unit is designed for beginner students (Grades 4-7) and would be a great way to start off your year!

This complete unit includes reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities.  

You'll get:
-Vocabulary list
-Create your own flash cards activity
-Vocabulary crossword with answer key
-Vocabulary quiz with answer key
-Fill-in-the-blanks activity with answer key
-5 pages of être activities (present tense, positive and negative formation, with answer keys)
-Place prepositions vocabulary (dans, devant, derrière, près, etc.)
-Preposition listening activity with variation ideas for differentiation
-Reading activity (dans mon sac a dos, il y a...)
-School dialogue activity

Click here to download!

If you don't need the whole unit, you can buy pieces of it separately.  Click on the pictures below for more information.

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